A.S.F.I. GLOBAL method arises from football interaction between Argentina, Spain, France and Italy.

A.S.F.I. GLOBAL is exhaustive and complete in every situation: football players have the opportunity to train and use appropriate tools.

A.S.F.I. GLOBAL is simple, functional and effective, because everyone can apply: it adapts itself to your level.

The method is simple because it respects the common sense of the game of football.

The method is functional because our analysis and our programs are based on the tactical component. All the collective and individual actions' rules, all technical, physical and psychological tools are due to game times or tactical situations. All these parameters act in perfect harmony and interaction.

The method is effective because football's actors gain time on their actions, on their opponents and on their growth, thinking and reacting faster.  

A.S.F.I. GLOBAL method has an organizational and informational system.

Organizational because it wonders about the place of each actor within the system, in order to make it effective.

Informational because all athletes are moving in relation to the time of the specific game in which the coordinator informs the other about his position.